The Difference Between Posed Newborn Photography and Lifestyle Newborn Photography

It won’t be long before you become a mommy. When you do, you’ll want to capture every little thing your precious newborn does. Before you know it, you’ll be saying, “They sure grow up fast!” To that, I say, let’s capture your sweet babe!

I can photograph your newborn. For the newborn photography session, they can become my little celebrity. All my newborn session are done at my photography studio in Rogers.

I follow all SOPs to give you and your family’s newest member a safe photoshoot.

Do you want to choose posed newborn photography or lifestyle newborn photography?

If you don’t know the difference between the two, let me provide you with more information, and you can decide from there and if you love my style and newborn photography approach I would love to work with you and capture truly amazing photos of your little newborn.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Lifestyle newborn photography is the one I recommend to my clients. I don’t use many props or colors because I don’t want anything to take the focus away from the baby. Instead, I make your baby the center of attention. All of my newborn sessions are held in my all white studio, and I’ll tell you why in a little while.

In my studio, I let the baby be the baby. I go with the flow, capturing them as they stretch and make faces. It requires a lot of patience. However, believe me that it’s worth it. I will show you sample photos to give you an idea of lifestyle newborn photography and why it has become my go-to style for baby portraits. Instead of using lots of props, outfits, and colored blankets I let the pure timelessness of your baby come through. I use parents hands as props to whole their baby because what is more precious your newborn curled up inside of a bowl or your loving arms?

Candid pictures are more meaningful than posed pictures. They’re more intimate and relaxed. I direct all of my clients on how to hold baby and what to do in the studio space. I love pictures of parents playing with their baby, and all precious, unscripted moments with siblings kissing and snuggling their new baby brother or sister. All can take place in my studio. When your baby’s 1-3 weeks old, let’s schedule a studio lifestyle newborn photoshoot.