25 Facts you may not have known about me

A little bit about me and some of my favorite things so you can get to know me a little better.

  1. My amazing smart husband

  2. our two cats, Oliver and George. Oliver is my 20 pound black panther.

  3. Pepper our eternally puppy of a dog who is turning 5

  4. Watercolor Painting

  5. Abstract art

  6. Photojournalism photography

  7. Baking (cakes, cupcakes, tarts, cookies)

  8. making my own ice cream

  9. senior photography

  10. Elizabeth Gadd (check her out)

  11. Grand landscape photography with little people to show how tiny we all really are in this world

  12. newborn photography

  13. polar bears

  14. Vampire Diaries

  15. Pillows

  16. Blankets!!!

  17. cozy beds on a cold rainy day

  18. laying in bed watching movies all day

  19. traveling to anywhere, everywhere

  20. the mountains

  21. hot coco when its cold

  22. smore’s…yummm.

  23. disney

  24. little mermaid

  25. tattoos

  26. kittens!