Why you need to print your photos, Digitals wont last forever

This really puts prints into perspective. This is exactly what I think whenever someone only buys digital photos. I want them to buy prints so they will have their memories forever and they will never be out of date as a print.

Anyone having photos taken of their family needs to think about this and more than just 5 years in the future. You have your grandparents or great grandparents photos and they are probably the only thing you have of them, and they are definitely the most valued item you have from them. We need to stay connected to our past and prints is how we do this. Don’t wait for digitals, usb’s, and cd’s to be outdated and you to lose everything. Print your photos, get albums, and put them on your walls! You will be so happy looking at them every day vs. a CD in the drawer, or an album on Facebook.

“Prints… why am I so adamant about my packages containing prints? It’s a question I have been asked many times. Why can’t I just toss all the files on a disk and hand it over? After all, this is the digital age. Think back to your last photo session where you received a CD with your digital files. Where is it now? Really, where is it? In your junk drawer, bottom of your last purse, hall closet in a stack of papers that was cluttering up the kitchen counter? Wait, I know you uploaded them to Face Book and Instagram, so they are completely safe for the next hundred years right there where you left them, accessible any time you want. You may laugh at this next question, what is your Myspace password? Don’t recall? But wait, Myspace was the Face Book of 10 years ago, the biggest sharing network on the planet. You wouldn’t possibly forget something so important would you? Now you are thinking you need to log on and find all your old photos… right? While your thinking of old photos, why not drag out those old VHS of Junior high and high school. What? What do you mean you can’t find a VHS player? They don’t make them anymore!? What is this world coming to? While your contemplating the unfairness of the disappearance of Cassettes and VHS relax, take a deep breath… that could never happen to the World Wide Web. No hacker, virus, government agency, or act of terror could steal or information or lock us out of our access. What? That has happened too? AHHHHHH! Don’t worry you still have that CD somewhere… I just hope it works on our Blueray player.

Now here comes the tear jerker… natural disaster, flood, fire, tornado, hurricane, mudslide, this list goes on. You hear the word evacuation… in those next few precious moments before you are run from your home, you look around you, what do you take? Is it your gaming system, expensive clothes, pricey handbag from your last birthday? NO. It’s very simple… your family, your pets, and your photos. Ripped straight from the walls as you run from your home. You knew right where they were hanging, they have been there for years. The same walls you walked past countless hours with crying babies, the same walls you will point to and ask your children “

Do you remember that day? You were so cute in that outfit, fought me for an hour to get it on you“. The same photos that will hang on your children’s walls, and your crying grandchildren will be carried past with mom saying “look there is mommy when she was little like you, you have mommy’s dimples and daddy’s eyes“. Our photos are priceless, they return us to a time we did not know we forgot. They remember when our own aged memories betray us. Photos are the bridge to a place we can never return. Now, in 60 days when I have to painfully push the delete button on my computer because I can’t possibly hold all these photo files forever (as much as I wish I could) I will take solace in the fact that I know your photos are right where they belong, hanging on your walls.”