How to DIY a Fabulous Rustic Wedding!

Rustic touches to a wedding are really in style and you can do a lot of the decorations and adorable touches yourself. Nikki planned her wedding and pulled off so many cute touches and I will go over them for you.

Burlap Roses on the cake are a great touch, and they will not wilt so you don’t have to worry about them looking less than fabulous for photos and later in the night when you cut the cake. You can have your baker put them on the cake like Nikki did and then save them to put in your wedding box.

The baker did an amazing job on the cake, white buttercream and a rustic line pattern. Looks finished but rustic at the same time. She also brought the cake stand which was a slab of wood which you would make yourself.

The gift station was created using two barrels that the vineyard had and a giant slab of wood, very rustic and timeless.

The wooden ring box was purchases on and their are so many options like here, and here.

The gift favors were such a great idea, they were a smore’s dip and the layered ingredients made them look fabulous. You could do brownies, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, any recipe you have really and it is an inexpensive gift on a budget. All you have to buy is the mason jars, ingredients, and then print your guests names on the card and instructions for them to make their gift.

Nikki also made cute flower vases by wrapping them in twine you can get at Joann’s or Michael’s for a great price.

The perfect table center piece can be made by you with just a few things. Get your mason jars or different sizes so the heights create interest and are not all the same. Fill some with flowers real or fake, some with little tea lights to create a great mood, and then set them on top of cut slabs of wood. Nikki had a family friend cut the wood for her from a tree. Nikki put them on top of a plum purple velvet table runner to really give the wood some pop off of the white table cloth. Nikki also wound the mason jars in the same twine that the vases are to bring it all together.

Another great way to display pictures of the couple is to get an old frame, you can paint it like Nikki did or leave it how it is. String two or three rows of twine across the back of the frame making sure it is tight, then attach chicken wire to the back of the frame with a staple gun. Then get some little clothes pin and you have a perfect way to display your photos, and then take it out and you can always put new photos in the frame. Here is a tutorial.