How to get great product photos with NOT a lot of equipment!

I had such an amazing time doing the product photography for Sejuced Bar in Corona Del Mar. They have such a cute little store and the best green food ever. We planned to do this photoshoot with natural light and all of the light pouring in their floor to celling windows, but the weather wasn’t cooperation and decided to be overcast and cloudy right when I arrived.

Kelly’s good friend lives down the street and let me borrow his Alien Bee and umbrella though and the show must go on!

I got a shoe box and put a weight in it and made it into my backdrop on their counter and then used double sided tape to attach the white plastic to the shoe box. It works perfectly. Got the paper at Michael’s for like $2 and it is plastic so it whited perfectly and was great for the condensation and when things spilt.

I shot at around f/7.1 to f/f9, shutterspeed 1/200 and ISO 125, and the light was brought up really high directly over where I was shooting so there wouldn’t be much of a shadow. And we bounced the light with a silver umbrella.

I took all of the photos into lightroom to up the contrast and vibrance. And then took them into Photoshop and pulled the whites down in levels to get the background to blow out. Then I masked the rest of the white around the item just to make sure all of the background was white! Click any of the photos to view larger

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