How to create an amazing Boutique Collaboration Senior Portrait Session

Working with a fashion boutique can be an amazing opportunity for a senior photographer and it can open a lot of doors and new networking avenues. I have been personally working with a clothing boutique for a few of my senior modeling shoots and will tell you how I went about contacting and working with them and other ways that might work for you and expand your viewers.

I searched boutiques that I admire in my area, and that have the same market as me with cute clothes that my seniors would love to wear. I worked with the amazing Apricot Lane in my area. You might already have a store in your area you know of and just need to reach out, or maybe you already shop there and that is even better for getting your foot in the door. Having just moved to the area I looked on google and Instagram for boutiques and when I found the perfect one that I would love to work with. I messaged them through their Instagram and asked if I could get ahold of the manager to talk about a session with them, and giving them more social media content. I was given the name and email of the manager and proceeded to email her. I then went into the store to talk face to face when it was the best time for her letting her know that I loved the stores style and felt our brands have the same target market.

I offered to do a model shoot with their clothes and allow them to use all of the images I edited with my watermark on them for all of their social media pages. They were very interested in this idea because many other photographers wanted to work with them, but wanted them to pay for the shoot and digitals. Since I was wanting to use their clothes for this shoot and offer my senior girls an even more amazing senior experience with boutique clothing I was happy with the experience for my girls and exposure of being on their Instagram accounts being tagged for all of the photos. Doing this also gets your foot in the door for working with boutiques and fashion lines, and being able to charge stores and clothing companies for this type of work in the future.

Makeup Artist: Melissa Tomfohrde

Boutique: Apricot Lane