Elin Newborn Photo Shoot Minneapolis

Elin’s photoshoot went so great and her big sisters were so great whenever we wanted to get pictures of all three of them. This session lasted about 6 hours because I wanted to get as many amazing photos for Eric and Cristen as possible. Patience is key, waiting out baby to fall back asleep so you can get them posed for the next shot. Many babies will not sleep the whole three hours for their session even if they are great sleepers.

You have to change their pose, clothes, and the backdrop so unless they are in the deepest sleep they will usually wake up. And it is my job to sooth them till they fall back asleep and start all over again. I drove up to my home town of Tehachapi for this shoot so I wanted everything to be perfect. Cristen was visiting family and is from San Francisco, hope I will be able to do another family session for them with all 5 of them!