Downtown St. Paul Ballerina Portraits

This was one of my favorite urban downtown photo shoots for a styled themed session and Zoe was such a natural being a ballet dancer. One of her dance images was actually in Senior Style Guide's Pictorial Magazine for May!

Zoe drove from about two hours away to meet me in St. Paul to do her session, and we walked around for about three hours around The Saint Paul Hotel. It was March here in Minneapolis so it was still pretty cold so we bundled up in our jackets and went exploring. Things don't get green here until about May so doing downtown shoots can be a lot of fun because the scenery doesn't change very much and its hard to tell what time of the year it is. I wanted to do a trendy outfit and more casual so we had a Pinterest board going and Zoe pieced together this cute outfit with ripped jeans, converse, a crop top, and her cute leather jacket. I love the photos in the maroon hat that I brought along, just so I might be able to get some beautiful backlit images.

And for the ballerina style we changed Zoe's makeup in her car adding some eye shadow, highlighter, and red berry lipstick, very black swan feeling. I created the tutu out of tulle, Zoe brought her black leotard, and the flower crown with my handy dandy glue gun! I even created a video film from this session, you can check that out on my new website for videos.