High School Senior Fair Themed Session

The county fair is an awesome place to get some awesome photos, all the cool colors and movement. Candy and food and excitement. But what happens when the fair is closed and there is no one around. That means that we have free reign to go wherever we liked and take pictures in places we might not have been able to before, especially without distracting people in the way.

None of the rides were going or lit up, but we could get on all of them and take photos, its amazing we were not kicked out for playing around on the rides like we were doing. But the photos because of the empty fair are just amazing and so much fun.

I met up with Jessica and Brynn at about 8am thinking the whole fair opened at 7:30 but only the animals were open to look at. So we played on the rides since they wouldn't be open until 11am. Totally worth getting up early to head out and get some awesome fair photos.

We even found a guy there willing to sell us a gab of day old kettle corn that was pretty tastey also so we could have some sort of food! I really wanted cotton candy but beggars cant be choosers lol.