Haley's Downtown Minneapolis Editorial Senior Portraits

Haley's downtown Minneapolis session was so amazing! Haley and her mom drove all the way from Albert Lea for her senior session how amazing is that? Haley loves the city and we got so many cool locations in her session. And her mom really wanted the natural setting so we went to Lake Calhoun to get some beach photos. Hair and makeup was done by my makeup artist Melissa, see her work. She has done the makeup for all of my seniors and I am so glad I found her on Instagram!

I have all of my seniors fill out my questionnaire so I can dig really deep and know more about who they are and what they love. This helps me capture them and turn their senior photos into more than just senior photos. I want and strive to really capture who my seniors are. And I think you will find that Haley is so bright and full of fun, she had me laughing our whole shoot.

  • What do you love most about yourself?

My ability to make people smile

  • Hopeful College? What do you like most about this college?

California State University: Long Beach. I like that its near the beach, in a new city, a new place to see the world

  • What are you thinking about majoring in? Why did you choose this?

Journalism and Asian studies: I love to write and I love the truth so Journalism was the best fit. Asian studies because I am learning Korean and I want to be able to use it one day

  • What is your Dream Job, and what makes you most excited about it?

Music columnist. I'm most excited about just writing about the ever changing market of music and interviewing the people who make it.

  • What are you passionate about?

Music, Languages. I feel that languages are the most beautiful thing, difficult to understand but they make me overjoyed. Music because whatever I listen to takes me to either my happiest moments or my loneliest or my most serene place. Its a doorway to my contemplative mind that I don't often go through without prompt.

  • Favorite teacher and why?

My Publications teacher. She accepts me for all my weirdness and strange antics. Supports me even though I feel like I should sink and lifts me up when I feel like I'm lacking.

  • What is your favorite high school memory so far?

It's cliche to say, but I have no favorites. I've loved nearly every memory I have created, even if they caused me pain at the time I'm thankful for all of them. But Tigers&#x