5 Creative Tips when posing for Professional Women

One of the biggest dilemmas most of my clients’ encounter is posing for portraits and headshots. They don’t know whether to look down, left, right, or straight in the camera. Should they cross their arms or rest them on their knees of they are sitting? If they are standing, should they let their hands hang down from the sides?

As your photographer, I will provide you guidance on how to pose for your professional portrait or headshot. I have photographed many professional women in the past and know exactly the type of poses you need to strike during the photography session.

If you want to add a bit of creativity to your professional portraits or headshots, you’ll find our tips helpful.

1. Stand Back and Shift Forward

I want you to stand back and then shift forward. By shifting your weight to your back leg while standing, you add a hip pop and create a slimming effect. You can shift your weight to your back leg. Depending on the location and your clothes, we can adjust your other leg into a more flattering position, which in most cases, is extended out from your body at a ninety-degree angle.

The two ways we can create the front weight shift are:

  • You will shift your weight forward by leaning your torso towards me. You can do that either from your waist or your shoulder.

  • In a sitting position, you will cross your legs at your ankles and then lean your torso forward. Leaning forward slims down your face as well.

2. Put your chin on a shelf

We all have a double chin now and again and the best way to get rid of it in any position is to pretend to put your chin on a shelf. Keep it level but move your chin forward. Yes it feels super weird and from the side looks like your a turtle but trust me it works! I have definitely had to use this during both of my maternity sessions. Sometimes I will shoot down on someone and that helps to hide any extra weight but it is my goal to not shoot down on anyone! It just says your trying to hide something haha. I stay at your eye level, you put your chin on a shelf and wa-la 15 lbs are taken off! Here's my headshot and you can believe I definitely look like a turtle from the side haha.

3. Cross Your Arms and Dangle Your Crossed Knee

This is a common pose that I make professional women do when photographing them. For this pose, you will sit on the edge of a surface or chair. Next, you will cross your legs at your knee, or I'll have you get one knee higher than the other. Then you will squeeze like you gotta go bad and push that knee over you lower leg. Then I'll have you use your arms to create more of an hourglass figure and frame your body. Or by crossing your arms at your wrist and dangling your arms as you lean forward on your knees.

4. Add a wall into the mix

One of my favorite poses is done on the wall, it gives you all the right curves and makes everyone look fantastic. This holds your weight as you lean towards me. You can also lean your arms and hips into the wall or column. If you choose the second pose, you need to angle your entire body to ensure it is away from the lean. This always feels odd for everyone but trust me you have never looked better.

5. Position Your Hands and Arms

You can dangle your hands on your hips to slim down your arms. You can let your arms dangle as they usually do with your arm or elbow positioned slightly away from your body to highlight your waist. On the day of the photoshoot, we’ll experiment with your hands and various poses. I'll be there every step of the way showing you the poses and getting you to look comfortable and the best you have ever looked. I promise these photos will be the best you have ever had taken and you will want to take them all home.

Are you ready to get professional? If you are a working woman in need of a professionally staged photoshoot, I’m here to make it happen. Call me today!