How to Stage the Perfect Newborn Photoshoot at Home

Although coronavirus or COVID-19 has disrupted our lives, babies are still being born. As a new parent, the unfortunate circumstances have caused you to compromise on getting a newborn photoshoot session.

What if I tell you that you don’t have to compromise?

You can stage the perfect newborn photoshoot at home. I’ll provide you with a few awesome tips to help you capture your little angel’s first days.

  1. Find a Location with the Best Lighting

You need to find a location in the house that receives the most natural light. You can capture pictures of your baby when the sun is not streaming directly into your home, as it’ll create a harsh shadow. If the sun is streamlining directly into the location, you can pull the white curtain, using it as a diffuser. The two ways you can use natural light include:

  • Position your baby in a manner that allows natural light to fall on them from a 45 degree top right or left angle. Your camera will directly face their adorable face.

  • Use natural light as a backlight. Position your baby on the bed, lying down. You can capture their pictures facing the light.

  1. Perfect the Angle

The perfect angle is when only a small bit of your child’s nostrils are visible. The angle is too low if our baby’s entire nostrils are visible. Your angle is too high if you don’t see your baby’s nostrils at all.

  1. Choose Simple Poses

You can put your baby on the bed ad cover them up with a blanket up to their chest with their arms outside the blanket. Ask your partner to hold the blanket from both sides tightly. The picture will come out cleaner, and if it doesn’t, it’s perfectly fine.

Another pose that parents can easily do at home includes placing your child sideways. Tuck in one of their hands under their cheek. You can place a small wash towel under your baby’s blanket, so you can see their face more.

Your partner can capture you feeding the baby or burping the child, or making them sleep. Instead of staging these, you can do it at the moment when they happen. Keep your camera close so you can catch all the natural expressions and movements of your baby, such as when they’re yawning, stretching, or smiling.

Do You Want to Go for a More Professional Route?

I know the pandemic is still reigning in strong all over the world, but we can carry out the newborn photoshoot session at my studio. I have parents who ask me if I am taking clients during this time, and my reply to them is, “yes, I am.”

But that’s not the only thing I say to them because before they can even voice their concern, I tell them that I am taking all the measures needed to provide them and their baby with a safe environment. Your precious baby is precious to me too.

They’re my tiniest clients! If you want to schedule a newborn photo session at my studio, give me a call, and let me tell you all about my lifestyle newborn photoshoots.

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