High School Senior Downtown Osseo Session

Kylee 2018 Senior Model Shoot Downtown Osseo

This session was supposed to be downtown Minneapolis but since it was just me and Kylee we decided to move it closer to home. So we went to downtown Osseo where I live and have been wanting to do a photoshoot for some months since moving here in November. It has some great little spots in the downtown and behind the buildings. I love the character and feel of downtown Osseo. We bundled up and by the end were frozen solid, and we all had numb red fingers but it was worth it!

My favorite look was for sure Kylee’s cute tan sweater and grey knit beanie. And I love that she wore a choker, they are back in and I think they look better than ever. Nothing beats a warm cozy sweater in the winter right before spring hits. Right now we are on the edge of winter and spring, and I can’t wait for it to finally warm up and the green to sprout up everywhere. Oh the photoshoots I will have, and it will be amazing!