Picking Your Minneapolis Senior Photographer

It has been a while since I have introduced myself so lets jump right into this! First of all I absolutely love what I do and the fact that I get to work with so many amazing girls. I started my photography journey in 2011, like most photographers photographed anything and anyone and I wasn't very good. With over 6 years of trial and error I am self-taught and have found my calling and nothing lights me up like high school senior photography.

I have lived in California my entire life until I moved to Minneapolis in November 2016 for my husband's job. I can say that I am happier here than I have ever been and it is such a blessing we were able to come here! I feel so at home in Minnesota and recognized and respected for what I love to do.

My style over the hears has been honed into what you see today, a classic and timeless senior portrait. My work is very bold, bright, and cheerful and I have come to a point in my career that I love my own work more than anyone else's, and that can be hard in the creative industry as a photographer. There are SOOOOO many amazing photographers to look at and compare yourself to...which i used to do. I do not do that anymore. I am unique and I love myself and my work and wouldn't trade it for anyone else's.

When you come to me for your senior photos you are going to get this unique and beautiful look that you can only get from me. Every photographer has their own style so go with the photographer that has work that speaks to you and makes you swoon with joy and wonder. And if that photographer is me I am honored, and know we will make your senior photos super fun and unique.

So what types of things are you and your parents concerned about when looking for a senior photographer? Are you worried about your clothes, I help with that and even offer a personal shopping trip with me to help you pick out your outfits. Your hair and makeup? I use some of the best hair and makeup artists so you feel stunning and like a princess on the day of your session! Is it the price for your senior session and products? I go over all that in the consultation meeting and have something that can fit everyone's needs and wants. Comment below if you have any concerns for your session or hiring a senior photographer.