Senior Guy Golf Senior Photos

minneapolis and maple grove senior guy golf photography

Matthew is a pretty awesome guy and his style for his senior photos is pretty awesome. I love that we went to the North Oaks golf Club to incorporate his golfing into his session. I love to show all the unique differences in my seniors. My goal is to capture who they are and not make them fit into the mold of my senior photography ideas. My ideas come from my seniors and they are what makes me want to do better.

Getting to know Matthew was a lot of fun, learning about what he loves. He even wants to go into marketing and business once he graduates from High School! I can't wait to see what College he will pick and know he is gonna kill it!

I love the casual but dressed up look, pair of jeans with a button up is ideal for a senior guy, not too much but it's not a t-shirt. He also had a blue sweater so it gave us 2 looks in one and it all was very well picked out! I could not have styled his session any better myself!