Eden Praire Cheer Captain Photo Shoot

I put together a super fun shoot for the captains of the cheer team at Eden Prairie High School. We decided to do a workout style shoot so all the girls came in their workout gear and we got some awesome pictures on the field and on the bleachers. I love the pictures of all the girls together in the group shot and we also got some individual style pictures of each girl. Then we changed into cheer uniforms to get cheer pictures. I am loving all of them especially since the colors are red white and black, one of my favorite color combinations we had a lot of fun running around and getting a bunch of group shots.

One of my favorites was when I had all the girls running towards me screaming I told them to pretend like a T-Rex was chasing them and that I would add it later in Photoshop. It is so amazing and I just love how it turned out, it looks so funny and it always just cracks me up looking at it. We were also doing the broomstick picture where two of the girls were jumping up like they had a broomstick under them. So I had all the girls line up in a line and do it, and then in Photoshop I added broomsticks to all of them. It's so funny to me, we had such a great time and I am so glad that I got to have fun with these girls at the start of their cheer season.