Rogers Senior High Downtown Osseo senior portraits

Kaitlin session was so much fun Melissa my hair and makeup artist did her hair super cute and

Kaitlin actually did her own make-up which is super awesome. seniors nowadays are so good with their makeup because of social media YouTube and everything I remember when I was a senior my makeup was very minimal and definitely not as good as seniors nowadays it's crazy how good they can do makeup.

We decided to go to downtown Osseo one of my favorites local spots Berry cute and there's lots of options. Then we went to Rogers football field so we can get pictures of Caitlin wearing her dance uniform with her pom poms at the stadium. Then we finished up the session going to one of her friend's houses is right on a lake with a little walking trail and Forest area and it's so pretty back there. Kaitlin got the super cute red dress from free people we did have to clip it in the back though because it was a little baggie.

I have actually been trying to get pictures with Kaitlin and her friend Carlie who are both on the dance team for a winter shoot. We have just not had very much snow this winter and it's been hard to schedule around their busy busy schedules. Another thing seniors are so much more busy with extracurricular activities, Sports, jobs, just life in general that I feel I ever was in high school. These kids are so driven and responsible I just have such respect for what they are doing so young.