10 Vital Tips to Pick the Best High School Senior Photographer for your Portraits

1. First, you should pick someone to work with you know you will love, and that you can look back on the photos in ten years and be happy with the photos. 2. Second, choose a photographer that you get along with and your personalities mesh well.

This is a huge milestone for your senior, they are going to remember these photos for the rest of their lives. I know I do and I took mine about 9 years ago, I can recall my session like it was yesterday. One of the reasons I decided I wanted to specialize in high school seniors because I loved my experience and how my photographer made me feel about myself. 3. Third, choose a photographer that is going to make your senior feel special and give them tons of confidence. My sessions are about so much more than senior photos, they are about giving my seniors this amazing confidence and knowing they are so beautiful. I see the beauty in every person that gets in front of my camera and you can tell that during the shoot and this takes the most shy seniors out of their shell. I know how to make my seniors feel comfortable and at ease in their shoot so we get natural photos that don't look forced.

4. Fourth, pick someone with experience and knows exactly what they are doing.

I know what I am doing if it rains and how to still get stunning photos. I have tons of photo locations just in case one doesn't work out like we planned. I can read light like the back of my hand and know how to mold it into something truly spectacular. Harsh light doesn't scare me because I have 10 years of experience shooting, and posing seniors.

5. Fifth, know how important these photos are, having a family friend or a classmate take them will get them done but in a few years you will wish you had something more.

The next time your senior will be professionally photographed will probably be at their wedding day. This is such a big time in their lives.