5 Posing Tips for Graduating Seniors

I hear congratulations are in order, and so are senior portraits! You’re graduating and going off to bigger and better things, but not before having a senior photoshoot to remember the best moments of your life so far as a graduating high school senior.

Let me put you in front of the camera and click away. If you feel the nerves creeping up and start to feel awkward and camera-shy, don’t be because we’ll laugh all of that away. Unlike other senior photographers, I talk to you, listen to you, and give you time. Most importantly, I’ll provide you an environment that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and at ease.

How do I make the nerves and awkwardness disappear?

It’s all in the poses!

Here are a few posing tips that will make the entire senior photoshoot a breeze:

  1. Sitting Pose

Comfort comes with sitting down, not standing up. We’ll begin with a sitting pose. You can sit on the steps, grass, or the door. We’ll find the best spot for you to sit. I’ll show you a couple of pictures I took to give you an instant confidence boost. You’ll be sitting taller, and your smile will get bigger with each picture I take. Be free to bend your legs and arms. Be free! Be natural!

  1. Standing Pose

Now, we’re ready to try the standing pose. When you stand, I want you to project how you feel in that pose. You can channel the superhero, speaker, dancer, or athlete in you. We can make it fun and exciting. I want you to be yourself.

If you want to laugh in your standing portrait because your high school graduating class awarded you “Class Clown, laugh, my friend. If you’re in drama, we can take pictures of you making various expressions— sad, happy, angry, and more. Whatever works for you, works for me.

  1. Leaning Pose

You can lean next to a wall or door or whatever we can find. I’ll make sure to find a backdrop that adds to the picture, elevates it, and makes you shine. You can giggle, laugh, smile, or do whatever you feel in that moment.

I love the leaning pose because it allows me to capture the 3/4 body or half body shots. This pose is perfect for capturing leading lines as well. Don’t worry. We’ll mix it up! I’ll take both full and half body shots and you can choose which ones you like.