How to Choose a Location for Your Senior Portraits?

With this one question, I have stumped several seniors.

The question: What location do you find the most meaningful for your senior photo session?

The answer I often get: “I don’t think I find any location meaningful,” and that too after thinking for several minutes.

So, I decided to do something about it. Just like a study guide that your teacher gives you to prepare you for a test, I give you the “Tips to Select a Location for Your Senior Photoshoot Guide.” Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to answer these questions to find out the best and most meaningful location for your senior portraits.

  1. Where Do You Go? Or What Do You Do After Having a Stressful Day?

After a stressful day, you may go for a run to relax. You may like to read a good book or dance to music. You may like to eat your favorite food or drink your favorite beverage. You may like to go out to the lake. Whatever you like to do or go for relaxation, that’s your location.

(Gaby loves going to Stone Such Bridge with her friends so guess what that's what we did for her senior photos!)

What Are Your Hobbies?

If you like to play tennis, you will head to the tennis court. If you like to swim, you will dive into the swimming pool. If you like to play an instrument, you’ll practice playing it often. If you like to go on hikes, you’ll hit the trail. If you like to roam around on a bicycle, you’ll cycle away!

I can capture you doing what you love such as playing the guitar outdoors while sitting on the grass. If your hobby takes place at a certain location, we’ll go there. If your hobby is cooking or playing chess, we can be anywhere. I can even find a location for you.

Ella loves reading and Harry Potter! So she brought her books so we could make some awesome photos with them.

  1. Do You Have Pets?

If you have pets, let’s get them involved. You’ll be going off to college and that means leaving your best friend behind. I capture a few heartwarming moments between you and your pet. We can do an outdoor shoot with your pet by your side. If you have a horse, we’ll head to the barn. We can take a few pictures with you sitting and riding your horse. For cats, we recommend a location indoors, as they’re fussy animals that are not too keen on leaving their domain.

Ava's puppers Gus was so cute for her session, her brother brought him to the first location for some awesome photos and then took him back home. Or some dogs have hung out in the car while we shoot. Totally up to you.

  1. Do You Play Sports?

If you play sports or are on a sports team in high school, you can put on your gear and I’ll snap away. We can into a basketball court or a football field. If you are in karate, let’s have you breaking some boards. With sports, we can imaginative. You can brainstorm a few locations where you can see yourself playing your favorite sport.

Tori plays volleyball so she brought her jerseys and balls and we captured a casual look with her and her volleyball! You can put on your entire outfit, or put it over a shirt with some jeans, either way it's going to look awesome!

  1. Do You Like to Go Downtown?

If you like to go downtown, where do you often head when you do? Do you go to the park? Do you go to the outdoor shopping mall for window shopping? Do you like to visit the theater? Even if you don’t know where you like to go downtown, we can probably work together to find a magnificent backdrop for your senior portrait session.

Does this give you any ideas on the location you might want to take me for your senior portraits?

If you don’t have a location but more of a thing you like to do such as playing the violin, we can play around with the location. If you’re still confused, don’t be because that’s what I am here for!

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