Silverwood Park Minneapolis Spring Senior Portraits

Llaura was so much fun to work with she has a huge funny personality and she made me laugh the entire session. I really love the photo of her laughing I think it is so her! She is just so cute I wanted to put her in my pocket! We did this session in the spring when all of the flowers were blooming and I set this session up very last minute. I just wanted to get the session put together before all of the flowers went away. And I am so glad that I did!

We went to Silverwood Park in St. Anthony it is just a wonderland there of beautiful locations to take photos. The beautiful flower ground cover, that purple really brings out the blue in Llaura's eyes! Some of my favorites are the delicate little white flowers we shot with, and the field of tall grass. Pretty much the perfect spring flower session.

This session is also being published on Senior Style Guides Blog on July 17th! So exciting being featured for my work. SO many amazing photographers submit and they don't take everyone so it is a huge honor to me.

I am super excited for fall to be here though, since it is my first year in Minnesota and I have never seen the full blown fall leaves let alone photograph with them. I know it is a sight to be seen, and I also can't wait for the weather to be a bit more forgiving and cool haha. In California we don't get this kind of humidity! It's really kicking my butt for the summer sessions right after a rain. But I love all of the sessions I have been doing all session!